Andy The Mouse

He is a boy without a tail.
The character created by Seiji Matsumoto first appeared in his artworks.
ANDY, the foodie, is always thinking about cheese.
He loves to be surrounded by cheese.


In 2017, New York, Seiji Matsumoto’s first work “ANDY the mouse” was presented at a solo exhibition.
In a New York City subway station, the artists saw a mouse run along the dimly lit tracks.
Seiji saw a part of himself in the mouse, reminding him of his time spent wandering around the U.S.
Thus “ANDY the mouse” was born.


When Seiji started drawing the mouse, he was living with a Maltese dog named ANDY.
The mouse was named “ANDY”, for his face looked just like ANDY the dog.
ANDY the dog was always by Seiji’s side whilst drawing.


He is ANDY’s childhood friend who lives in the same town.
He loves to go on walks by himself.
When he finds a empty box, he can’t help but jump in.

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